One-stop house for aggregation, sourcing and supply of agricultural produce in Nigeria

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Our Mission

To be a business that delivers unfailing service and convenience to the partners we serve.
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Our Vision

To be a reliable business that consistently delivers value to our clients.
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About House of Commodities

We are strong and formidable!

House of Commodities Agro Services Limited is a strong and formidable one-stop house for aggregation, sourcing and supply of agricultural produce in Nigeria. Beyond playing in the commodities value chain (merchandising, branding, procurement and warehousing), we are also into primary processing of groundnut to extract Groundnut Cake and Oil as a primary raw material for Industrial users.

We are focused on providing and supporting the businesses of our clients who rely on us to meet their business objectives

We trade primarily in: Soya Beans, Groundnut, Maize, Sesame Seeds, Sorghum, Gum Arabic, Cashew

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Jendo Oil

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We Deliver Reliability and convenience

We trade primarily in

Soya Beans
Sesame Seeds
Gum Arabic